Owning birds

There are many different breeds of birds which all have unique personality and behaviour traits. Some of the more popular breeds kept as pets are: budgerigars; cockatiels; lovebirds; and canaries. Bird ownership is a serious commitment for 5 to 10 years, depending on the type of bird you choose (cockatoos can live 80 years or more!).

Before choosing a bird, do some research into different species, to identify which would fit best into your lifestyle.

Birds are mostly highly social, flock animals and as such, not only enjoy but require the company of other birds or their owners. Being deprived of things that are natural for them, such as companionship, flying and exploring, birds that are left alone in cages can become depressed and develop behavioural problems.

Birds can be tamed and even trained when handled regularly. It is best to handle birds daily from a young age so they get used to humans.