Lost Animals

If Council finds your pet with any type of identification and/or registration tag, you will be contacted by a Local Laws Officer. If you are available, your pet will be returned to you immediately in field. If the owner is unknown, non contactable or not immediately available, the animal will be taken to Council's Animal Management Centre.

Pets often lose their collar/tag, so it is important to have your pet microchipped too. Remember to advise Council and the microchip registry if your contact details change so they can update your records. If your pet is lost or goes missing, notify Council of your lost pet as soon as possible. This information assists Animal Management Centre Officers making a match if your pet is impounded without identification.

All impounded animals are held at the Animal Management Centre for a minimum of 3 days if the owner is not identifiable, or 5 days if the owner is identifiable. After this time animals may be rehomed or euthanised. A register of the animals that have entered Council's Animal Management Centre is below.

Due to our close proximity with Livingstone Shire Council, if your lost pet is not listed here we also encourage you to contact their Council. You can check Livingstone Shire Council's lost pets page here.