Work begins on Cenotaph Date Palms

Published on 27 May 2016

Work is set to begin next week to replace 12 Canary Island Date Palms at the Rockhampton War Memorial (Cenotaph) at the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens with support of $50,000 from the Queensland Anzac Centenary Grants Program.

Rockhampton Regional Council’s Parks, Recreation and Sport Committee Chair Councillor Cherie Rutherford said replacing the palms (Phoenix canariensis) was another step forward in restoring the Gardens after Cyclone Marcia.

“Unfortunately we lost seven of the 12 tall and majestic Canary Island Date Palms surrounding the Cenotaph after Cyclone Marcia, and the remaining five were battered by cyclonic winds,” Cr Rutherford said.

“Starting next week, ground preparations will begin to replant 12 new Canary Island Date Palms including replacing irrigation, drainage and preparing the soil, with the arrival of the palms due from NSW in early-June.”

Cr Rutherford welcomed the $50,000 funding with a further $90,000 from Council to restore the site in line with the original design elements.

“The generous funding of $50,000 from the Queensland Anzac Centenary Grants Program means we will be able to landscape the War Memorial grounds according to the original designs,” Cr Rutherford said.

“The circle of palms formed an integral part of the layout and design of the heritage-listed memorial with each palm planted the same distance apart and at 30 degree intervals from the Cenotaph.

“We’ll reset the entire circle with semi-advanced plants of about 3 metres tall, which will help with uniformity and visual appeal as they continue to mature.”

The area will be cordoned off to limit visitor access from Monday 30 May as Council follows a methodical process under the guidance of experienced arborists and horticulturists.

“We’re anticipating works to take six weeks in total and be finalised by 1 July. I’d like to thank visitors to the Gardens for their patience while work is being carried out,” Cr Rutherford said.

“For those that are interested, a good vantage point to watch the works is from the pathway on the eastern side of the Cenotaph.”