Water trucking trial a success

Published on 05 March 2021

Water truck.jpg

A trial to test the logistics of getting water tankers from Gracemere to Mount Morgan has been carried out successfully, with the process taking even less time than initially thought. You can watch a video about it here.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams said although there was no need to truck water up to Mount Morgan yet, Council wanted to be prepared.

“This was all about checking the processes and logistics, making sure everything was working properly and ironing out any issues.

“I am pleased to say the trial went really well. The water in the dam is expected to supply water for another three to six months, but if we do need to start trucking water up to Mount Morgan we are ready to do so.

Water and Supporting a Better Environment Councillor, Donna Kirkland, said she was very pleased with the results of the trial.

“We took 25,000 litres of water from Gracemere up to the treatment plant in Mount Morgan without a hitch.

“Pumping the water in and out of the truck took even less time than we originally thought, which is great news.

“For residents, accessing the water will be no different: the water goes straight into the storage reservoir at the treatment plant and is then sent to homes and businesses as usual.”

Divisional Councillor Cherie Rutherford said information about a public meeting to discuss the trial, as well as long term options for Mount Morgan water, would be released soon.

“We are just finalising the details but we will send out an invitation to all residents next week.

“We have had good feedback about the new Mount Morgan Water section of our website, so we will be distributing a booklet to all households with the same information that’s on there to make sure those without access to a computer aren’t left out.

“The link is www.rrc.qld.gov.au/mountmorganwater and you can also give us a call on 4932 9000 if you have any questions.”