Water Street Residents Warned to Stay Alert

Published on 02 June 2020

wild dogs.JPG

Residents in the Water Street and Birdwood Park area of Berserker are being asked to stay alert after a number of sightings of a wild dog in the area.

Planning and Regulatory spokesperson, Councillor Ellen Smith, said a change in the dog’s behaviour was causing some concern.

“We have been aware of this animal for a little while, and have made numerous attempts to capture it,” said Cr Smith.

“Unfortunately these attempts have been unsuccessful. Very recently the dog has started to stalk people in the area, so we are asking residents to be extra vigilant.

“Please do not approach the animal if you see it, but do report any sightings to Council immediately.

“It’s also very important to dispose of food properly and not create easy access to scraps for the dog. It is actually illegal to intentionally feed wild dogs.”

Councillor Smith said that it was a good time to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t run away from a wild dog if we feel threatened, and that we should keep an eye on our own dogs.

“The best course of action is to stand still at your full height and fold your arms across your chest.

“Keep facing the dog and back away slowly – don’t wave your arms or run.

“If you have your own dog be vigilant when you’re out for a walk, and please make sure they’re not wandering or let out of the yard – wild dogs have been known to attack and kill domestic animals.

“We are putting signs up in the area but please remember to report sightings as soon as you can and together we will be able to catch and remove this animal.”