Vandals targeting Mount Morgan CBD amenities

Published on 27 May 2022

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Rockhampton Regional Council is calling on vandals to rethink their actions, following frequent vandalism occurring at the Mount Morgan CBD amenities.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams said it is extremely disappointing to see the public area a target of vandalism on an almost daily basis of late.

“This kind of behaviour is unacceptable - it is not only hindering community members who utilise the amenities, but it is creating an unnecessary cost for Council to rectify the damage, ” Mayor Williams said

“Vandals have been ripping soap dispensers off the walls, lighting fires in the sinks, emptying bins across the floors and blocking toilets with whole rolls of toilet paper.

“Council has been sending workers to rectify this damage, but it is an ongoing issue and cost, happening almost daily.

“We strive to provide quality amenities and areas for the Region to enjoy and access, but with the constant attack from vandals, it is disheartening and frustrating to say the least.

Divisional Councillor Cherie Rutherford said Council is calling on Mount Morgan community members and local businesses to report the damage to customer service as soon as possible, and to contact crime stoppers if they see vandalism occurring.

“I am very concerned and upset with the continued misuse and vandalism of public facilities across the Region,” Cr Rutherford said.

“Council has invested a great deal of time, resources, and funds into the development of assets for the community’s enjoyment, and it is distressing to see playgrounds, parks, and amenities defaced.

“The majority of our community does the right thing, and we thank you for your assistance and apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.

“We understand that we will never be able to fully eliminate this type of behaviour, but with community help, we can work together to stop the people committing these types of crimes, not just in Mount Morgan but across the Region.

“We urge anyone participating in acts of vandalism to stop and think carefully of the repercussions of your actions, this seemingly harmless fun has serious and costly consequences for our Region.”

Please report any damage to Rockhampton Regional Council on 1300 22 55 77 or to Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.