Tip turkey unveiled at Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility

Published on 29 November 2019

Cr Fisher and artist Fiona Black

Australia’s most divisive cultural icon has today been given the recognition it finally deserves with the official unveiling of a scrap steel tip turkey at the Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility.

Councillor Neil Fisher, Chair of Council’s Waste Committee, said the humble ibis is an ideal mascot for the waste facility.

“There are three ibis species which are native to Australia, two of which can be spotted at the Lakes Creek manmade wetlands, but the connections run a lot deeper than that,” said Cr Fisher. 

“Perceptions of both the ‘bin chicken’ and the waste and recycling industry have been a bit rubbish in the past, however I believe both are changing.

“Just as the resilient ibis adapted to life alongside humans in a changing environment, the waste and recycling industry is adapting to better meet the waste management challenges of modern living.

“This ibis sculpture, which is made of reclaimed scrap metals scavenged from the Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility, is a fun and creative reminder of the ways our rubbish can take on new life, rather than go to waste.

“I really think people will look at these picnic pirates in a whole new light thanks to this sculpture.”

Fiona Black, the artist who created the ibis, said this was a great project to work on.

“I studied hundreds of ibis and spent many hours sketching them until I was happy with the shape,” said Ms Black.

“I also spent months scavenging and collecting enough scrap to get the right materials.

“As the sculpture has to be driven past, I decided that having the right shape and numerous textures for the light to hit was really important.

“The ibis is made of nuts, bolts, washers, bearings, old tools, reo and cutlery as well as stainless, mild, and checker plate. The tail frame is an old gate cut in half.”