Swap your sticky tape for string!

Published on 01 April 2021

Numbered shelters.jpg

Small metal rings installed by Rockhampton Regional Council at Kershaw Gardens and the Botanic Gardens are set to make a big difference when celebrating in our parks.

The D shaped metal ring makes it easier for party hosts use string, instead of sticky tape, when hanging banners and balloons for birthday parties and other gatherings – many of which happen over Easter and upcoming school holidays.

Sports, Parks and Public Spaces Councillor Cherie Rutherford said hundreds of residents use one of the region’s many parks and open spaces to celebrate birthday parties.

“We are very lucky to have a choice of so many beautiful parks to enjoy and celebrate in,” said Cr Rutherford.

“The numbered shades at Kershaw Garden are particularly popular, and it really is one of the benefits of living in Central Queensland that you are able to have a sunny celebration when it comes to kid’s birthday parties or other events.

“As part of that it’s great to hang banners, balloons and signs to make the celebration even more fun.

“However what people don’t realise is that if you use sticky tape to attach these to the metal poles it can damage them.

“Our teams have to sand, seal, and paint the affected areas which costs about $175 per pole.

“We have been doing this about 15 times a month so it soon adds up!”

Councillor Rutherford asked people to swap the sticky tape for string instead.

“It’s just as easy to tie your banners and balloons instead of sticking them up.

“It’s also better for the environment as the string can be reused, while the sticky tape will go straight to landfill.

We have those d-rings in Kershaw Gardens and the Botanic Gardens but if there’s a park near you that’s a top spot for parties that’s in need of some d-rings just let us know.

“In the meantime, keep enjoying our wonderful parks – just swap your sticky tape for string!”