Small Business Commissioner Tours Rockhampton

Published on 11 May 2023

Small business Commissioner Dominique Lamb with Mayor Tony Williams, Zac Garven and elected members

To celebrate Small Business Month, Rockhampton’s lead economic development agency, Advance Rockhampton through Rockhampton Regional Council co-hosted Queensland’s Small Business Commissioner, Dominique Lamb with the Capricornia Chamber of Commerce.

May is Queensland Small Business Month, and this year has a ‘love your local’ theme, highlighting the importance of the 493,000 small businesses that account for 97 per cent of all businesses in Queensland.

During her visit to the region, Dominique met with several local small businesses and Rockhampton Regional Council elected members discussing some of the opportunities and challenges for small businesses in the region.

Partnering with the Capricornia Chamber of Commerce, Advance Rockhampton also delivered an industry luncheon to promote economic growth across the region.

As one of the 45 small business friendly councils in Queensland, Rockhampton Regional Council Mayor Tony Williams welcomed the commissioner’s visit.

“What a fantastic opportunity to have Dominique Lamb in the region and facilitate some very important discussions with our local community.”

“Small businesses deserve to be celebrated every month of the year for their contribution to our economy and community.”

“Through the newly released economic development strategy and action plan, Rockhampton Regional Council is committed to looking at ways in which we can continue to increase small business capabilities across the region.”

Acting executive manager of Advance Rockhampton, Zac Garven said hosting visits like these are important for the growth of the region.

“Advance Rockhampton is proud to promote and showcase small businesses across the region as much as possible.”

“Through regular industry events, and collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Capricornia Chamber of Commerce, Advance Rockhampton plays a vital role in ensuring our small business community is well informed and supported.” 

Queensland’s Small Business Commissioner, Dominique Lamb, encouraged small businesses to continue to be engaged and commended the local community.

“Rockhampton has an incredibly vibrant business community that’s been really happy to engage and express what challenges and opportunities they are facing now and certainly into the future.”

“There is a huge appetite for growth in this community which has been incredible to see because we don’t see that in every region around the state.”

“Small businesses in Queensland contribute about $119 billion to our economy, so without investment into them, there aren’t opportunities for employment and there’s no opportunities for innovation and growth.”

A fact sheet about the Queensland Small Business Commissioner’s Office can be found here.

To get involved with upcoming industry events, keep up to date on major projects in our region, and take advantage of networking and collaboration opportunities, head to the Advance Rockhampton website