Samantha showing at 6 months

Published on 29 August 2019

Samantha the chimp 6 months pregnant.jpg

Samantha, the pregnant chimpanzee at Rockhampton Zoo, is sporting a baby bump and a big appetite as she hits the 6 month mark of her pregnancy.

Parks Committee Chair, Councillor Cherie Rutherford, said the mum-to-be is doing well.

“Our brilliant team are working hard to look after Samantha as her pregnancy progresses.

“She now has a much more visible baby bump and a much bigger appetite!

“We can see that her milk is coming through too, and she’s making larger nests in preparation for the new arrival.

“Samantha is also experiencing the less pleasant side of pregnancy - chimpanzees suffer from morning sickness just like humans.”

Councillor Rutherford said the community was getting very excited to meet the next member of the Rockhampton Zoo family.

“With adorable baby Capri we have seen just how much our residents have taken our chimp family into their hearts, regularly visiting to see how she is doing and to watch her grow up.

“I can only imagine the fun that will be had when Samantha’s baby comes along and Capri – once she gets over the sibling jealousy – has a playmate nearer her own age to make mischief with.”

Samantha is expected to give birth in early November.

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