Safeguard your property and family this bushfire season

Published on 13 September 2023

Bushfire Preparedness.jpg

With bushfire season upon us, Rockhampton residents are urged to take action to safeguard their properties and families against the potential threat of bushfires.

Deputy LDMG Coordinator Councillor Drew Wickerson is emphasising the importance of having a well-prepared property and a comprehensive Bushfire Survival Plan in place.

“Preparing in advance is crucial, as it can significantly reduce the impact of bushfires on lives and properties,” Cr Wickerson said.

“With our region now heating up, we are heading into the high-risk part of bushfire season so residents must take proactive steps to protect their homes and loved ones by ensuring properties are well maintained and prepared to minimize risk.

“Preparing is simple and can ultimately save your life and property if a bushfire occurred."

Rockhampton’s Rural Fire Service Area Director, Matthew Eckhardt said residents have a significant role to play in bushfire preparation.

“QFES is always ready to deal with bushfires and our highly skilled and well-trained firefighters are ready to respond, but bushfire preparation is a community effort,” Mr Eckhardt said.

“Taking simple steps such as mowing your lawn regularly, trimming overhanging branches and getting rid of flammable materials from around your home can all help to reduce your bushfire risk.

“Now is the time to ensure you have a Bushfire Survival Plan and that everyone in the house understands what you will do in the event of a bushfire. If you need to put your plan together, head to the QFES website. It will only take a few minutes and could make all the difference.

“Power tools and machinery can spark dangerous fires, so if you are carrying out any work during heightened fire conditions, be aware of the dangers and carry a water supply and firefighting equipment.”

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