Replacement of Rockhampton Memorial Gardens Leichhardt tree

Published on 21 March 2023

Memorial Gardens - leichhardt tree

This week Council will be removing the Leichhardt tree at the Rockhampton Memorial Gardens and replacing it with two young trees which have been propagated from the original.   

Communities and Heritage Councillor Drew Wickerson said this was a sad but unavoidable decision due to safety risks.

“I know this will come as sad news, and it’s not a decision we would make if there was another way,” Cr Wickerson said.

“This tree has been part of the Memorial Gardens landscape since the site was created in 1996.

“That’s nearly three decades that people in our community have stood under its shade for services or wandered past it to visit their loved ones.

“Unfortunately, the Leichhardt tree is structurally compromised due to internal decay and is a potential safety risk to the general public.

“Formative pruning and monitoring was first conducted to try and assist recovery, but the deterioration is beyond repair.  

“Even though we have to remove this tree, we’ve been able to make sure that its legacy can live on.

“Once we remove the tree we’ll be planting two younger trees which we’ve grown in the nursery from cuttings from the original.

“These younger trees will be part of the Leichhardt Gardens for generations to come.”

Works will take place at the Memorial Gardens on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 March.

There will be no impact to any plots, and Council will try to keep disturbances to a minimum during works.

For the safety of staff and visitors, the area will remain barricaded until the tree is fully removed.