Presents all around for Rockhampton Zoo animals

Published on 20 December 2021


Cheerful chimps, mischievous meerkats, outgoing otters and the charming crocodile enjoyed early Christmas presents from the staff today at the Rockhampton Zoo.

From bonbons to Christmas feasts, the animals received treats specially made for their diets and interests.

Parks, Sport and Public Spaces Councillor, Cherie Rutherford said the animals' reactions to their seasonal gifts always sparks joy among staff and the community.

“Our Zoo holds a very special place in the heart of the community and we often hear how happy people are to share in special occasions for them like this,” Cr Rutherford said.

“The purpose of the presents is two-fold, they not only serve as treats but also work as an enrichment activity for the animals.

“Zoo staff carry out enrichment activities for the animals with each activity designed specifically to try and challenge the animal to problem solve.

“The animals did incredibly well at opening their boxes to find their favourite treats and enjoyed reaping the rewards for their efforts.

“The new Meerkat mob opened bonbons and Christmas presents filled with crickets, while the otters received a ‘fish-mas’ tree - a wooden Christmas tree with fish on it.

“Colonel, the saltwater croc devoured a lovely Christmas turkey, and the Chimpanzee troop got to enter their new platform, covered in presents and signs, as well as new swings and ropes to explore.

“I want to thank all our staff and volunteers who prepared these goodies and Christmas gifts, you can clearly tell the animals loved them,” Cr Rutherford said.

“The zoo is open every day over the holidays between 10am and 4pm apart from Christmas Day itself and entry is free, so make sure you get down to visit.”

Rockhampton Zoo is owned and operated by Rockhampton Regional Council.