Nine new reasons to visit Rockhampton Zoo

Published on 06 December 2023

Jerry the chimpanzee - Rockhampton Zoo.jpg

Rockhampton Regional Council is inviting the community to come and see who’s new at the Rockhampton Zoo – with nine new members added to its extensive family.

Parks, Sports and Public Spaces Councillor Cherie Rutherford said among the new faces is Jerry, the eagerly awaited and newest member of the zoo’s chimpanzee troop. 

“Jerry has had some time to adjust to his new surroundings since arriving from Sydney Zoo and we are so excited for visitors to now be able to meet him,” Cr Rutherford said.

“He has such a gentle nature and while he’s fairly quiet, he really just wants to be friends with everyone.

“His introduction to the entire troop is ongoing, with successful integration already achieved with our eldest chimpanzee, Cassius.

“The two are getting along really well and are currently enjoying their days together in one of the two outdoor enclosures.

“He will eventually move to the larger enclosure with all of the chimpanzees together, once he and the rest of the troop are more comfortable.” 

Jerry, who is 27 years of age, adds to the existing troop of seven chimpanzees at the zoo where the ages span from two to 52 years old.

Along with Jerry, zoo-goers will also be able to meet seven new lizards during their next visit.

“We have five male frilled-necked lizards and two blotched, blue-tongued lizards who have just joined the zoo family,” Cr Rutherford said.

“They are settling in really well and can be found in the enclosure along the boardwalk to the cassowary enclosure.

“We are also excited to announce the upcoming arrival of a two-year-old, female red kangaroo.

“She is expected to arrive in a few weeks and visitors will be able to see her in the enclosure next to the grey kangaroo and emu for the first month.

“As this will be her settling in period, we do encourage everyone to try and limit noise while in that area and to try and not view her in large groups.

“Once settled, she will move to the enclosure next door and will reside with the grey kangaroo and emu.

“It's an exciting time for us, and the timing couldn't be better as we head into the Christmas school holidays," Councillor Rutherford added.

“Each new arrival is a real testament to the zoo’s dedication and provides even further opportunities for visitors to connect with its extensive family.”

All animals of the zoo can be visited between 9am and 4.15pm each day (excluding Christmas Day).

Entry to the zoo is free.