New report reveals successful year of Fishing the Fitzroy

Published on 15 March 2019


The stats are in and the fish are biting according to the latest report on Council’s Recreational Fishing Development Strategy.

Produced by Advance Rockhampton, the report takes an in-depth look at the growth of charter companies, the average spend per tour, as well as future trends in the sector.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow said the report will be used as a benchmark to measure future success of the fishing tourism industry.

“Prior to Council’s Recreational Fishing Development Strategy, there was only one fishing charter and no boat hire companies operating in our Region, but over the past 18 months our Advance Rockhampton team has proactively encouraged and assisted seven new businesses, including another one this year, ” Mayor Strelow said.

“What the stats tell us is that these charter companies were running at 90 per cent capacity in 2018 with tours ranging from $85 up to a $1,000 and at an average rate of $600 per tour.

“With the charter companies in tow and funding from the State Government, we launched our first marketing campaign ‘Fishing the Fitzroy’ to build our reputation as a fishing destination.

“The sector in our region is worth about $5 million at the moment and Advance Rockhampton aims to see that number double in the near future.”

The State Government has also recently revealed results from surveys conducted at local boat ramps and tackle shops to assess the effects of the net-free zone. Their report found that 22% of fishers during September and October 2018 travelled over 100kms to come fishing in the Region. This is a significant increase compared to only 4% in 2016.

“This is more money spent at local businesses and on accommodation which is fantastic for the local economy. It’s also a clear indication that our reputation is growing and we will only build on the success from here,” Mayor Strelow said.