New baby to join the troop at Rockhampton Zoo

Published on 24 November 2021

Leakey - only weeks away from giving birth.jpg

Rockhampton Zoo’s beloved chimp, Leakey, is only weeks away from welcoming the troop’s newest addition.

The 26-year-old chimp is mum to cheeky toddler Capri, and is expected to give birth to her second bub in early December.

Councillor for Parks, Sports and Public Spaces, Cherie Rutherford, said Zoo staff are keeping an extra close eye on the mother-to-be and that she could give birth any time from now.

“We cannot wait to welcome the newest addition to the Zoo,” Cr Rutherford said.

“It has been so special to see Leakey change and grow over the last few months, and it will be exciting for Capri to have a new sibling.

Cr Rutherford noted that the keepers are monitoring the infant’s positioning and movement throughout the day.

“Recently they have begun noticing some changes in her behaviour and her belly bump positioning,” Cr Rutherford said.

“Although Leakey has been resting a lot and her activity levels have significantly reduced, she still has a great appetite.

“When Leakey isn’t eating or resting, she can often be found interacting with the other chimps.

“She has become close with the other chimps but has been seen to spend more time with Gandali, which we have not seen in the past.

“The mother-to-be has been quite cheeky lately when it comes to building her nests, they’ve been getting extremely large, and Zoo keepers have caught her stealing bedding from her own daughter.  

“Overall, Leakey’s pregnancy has been going very well, and we are now eagerly awaiting the infant’s arrival.”

“Not only is it great to see the chimpanzee troop grow, but it is wonderful to watch our passionate Zoo keepers invest their time and effort to ensure the best for our chimps,” Cr Rutherford said.

The chimpanzee family, along with all animals of the Zoo, can be visited between 10am and 4pm each day. Entry to the Zoo is free. 

The Rockhampton Zoo is owned and operated by Rockhampton Regional Council.