New Agricultural Education Program Introduced at Rocky Show

Published on 04 June 2024

Amelie Ecology Native Bee Workshops

The Rockhampton Agricultural Show is thrilled to announce its latest initiative: the Agricultural Education Program!


Show Committee Member Councillor Grant Mathers said this new addition to the Rocky Show programming aims to deepen the understanding of agriculture's vital role in our daily lives, offering enriching experiences for both children and adults.


“We recognise the crucial importance of agricultural education in our community and are dedicated to expanding the educational content at the Rockhampton Show. Our goal is to provide everyone with the chance to engage in hands-on learning through info sessions and workshops,” Councillor Mathers said.


“We are inviting the community join us in the Robert Schwarten Pavilion for three days filled with educational fun and hands-on activities designed to give valuable insights into agricultural practices that sustain our community.”


“No bookings are required for these sessions and they are free to participate in as part of your Show entry.”


Sussanah Willis from Thrive Essentials is excited to be part of this new program where workshops have been designed to inspire and educate the community about agriculture and sustainable practices.


"Participating in the Worm Farming Workshops at Rocky Show will be an invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on experience from local community garden worm farm manager Sara Hillman. Not only will attendees learn how to set up and maintain a healthy worm farm, but they will also witness the entire process firsthand, making it easier to replicate at home," Ms Willis said.


"Engaging in the Composting Workshops with Ken Mason will offer participants the chance to understand the intricacies of composting from a local expert. Ken’s extensive knowledge as a Biodynamic farmer ensures that attendees walk away with practical, actionable insights to enhance their own composting practices, whether they have a small backyard or a larger property."


"Winning a worm farm or a kitchen compost bin at these workshops is more than just a prize—it's a stepping-stone towards adopting and implementing sustainable practices. These tools, combined with the knowledge gained during the sessions, empower individuals to start making a positive environmental impact immediately."


Attendees will enjoy a variety of hands-on learning experiences in the Robert Schwarten Pavilion, including a Petting Zoo, the captivating D'Aguilar Wildlife Experience and the Agricultural Education Stage program including the following:


  • Worm Farming for Fun (all ages) by Thrive Essentials
  • Composting 101 (all ages) by Thrive Essentials
  • Get the Buzz on Native Bees for Kids by Amelie Ecology
  • Bring Native Bees to Your Backyard by Amelie Ecology
  • Animal Assisted Learning (NDIS eligible) by Dusty Boots
  • Grow Native Plants in Your Garden by Neil Hoy
  • Organic Agriculture for the Farmer and Consumer by CQ Organics
  • Regenerative Farming and Healthy Soils by CQ Organics
  • Paddock to Plate: Know Your Farmer by CQ Organics
  • Tips on Vermin Control by Rockhampton Regional Council
  • Identify Pest Plants and Animals by Rockhampton Regional Council
  • Human and Animal Parasites by CQUniversity
  • Agriculture in the World by CQUniversity
  • The Wonder of Bees by Fitzroy Regional Beekeepers Association


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The 2024 Rockhampton Agricultural Show is a joint initiative of Rockhampton Regional Council and the Queensland Government. 



Dates: Wednesday, 12 June – Friday, 14 June.

Location: Rockhampton Showgrounds

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