Men’s Sheds help bring back Rocky Show spectacle

Published on 14 March 2019


Volunteers from the Rockhampton and Gracemere Men’s Sheds will be busy planning, cutting, and sanding over the next few months as they create two big projects for the Rocky Show.

Rockhampton Regional Mayor Margaret Strelow has said she is incredibly grateful for the time these volunteers are donating.

“It is wonderful that these two Men’s Sheds will be helping us really bring the spectacle back to the Rocky Show this year,” said Mayor Strelow.

“I imagine a lot of the volunteers remember having an absolutely fantastic time at the show when they were kids, and I hope they’re excited to be part of giving their kids and grandkids the same experience.

“The Rockhampton Men’s Shed will be spelling out ‘ROCKY AG SHOW’ in 1.2 metre, brightly painted letters, which we expect will be a big hit on Instagram and Facebook.

“The Gracemere Men’s Shed is building produce displays designed specifically for the show. Both the letters and produce displays will be used at this year’s show and for years to come.”

Les Brooks, Vice President of the Rockhampton Men’s Shed, said that AMSA (the Australian Men’s Shed Association) have sheds in nearly every town in Australia.

“Men can come to the sheds to meet other men that have similar interests, or just need to get out and meet other people - this is not limited to retired workers. If a member has a project that he needs to complete, the shed resources are available for him to complete it,” says Mr Brooks.

Chris Bailey, President of the Gracemere Men’s Shed, said that any male aged 18 or over is welcome to join their local Men’s Shed and pitch in on projects like this one or just have a chat.

“Projects like this are good because they give our guys something to do, but there’s no pressure. Our guys can do as much or as little as they want to, and some guys just come down for the company. The biggest benefits of joining are friendship and finding someone to talk to,” said Mr Bailey.

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