Major milestone for Gavial Creek Bridge

Published on 28 September 2020

Cr Drew Wickerson and Cr Tony Williams.jpg

The two ends of the new Gavial Creek Bridge came together in dramatic fashion today, with the final concrete beams lowered in by two cranes.

Rockhampton Regional Council Infrastructure spokesperson, Councillor Tony Williams, said it was great to see the project progressing.

“The work on this first started back in June, and I’m glad to say we are right on track,” said Cr Williams.

“Bridge construction is a complex and time consuming thing to do, with nearly 1900 tonnes of concrete involved in total.

“So far there have been 20 steel reinforced concrete piles used, reinforced concrete wing walls, and ballast walls in the sub structure of the new bridge. 

“Now the 65m span of the bridge is in place, work will now focus on what’s known as the superstructure.

“This includes things like the reinforced concrete bridge deck, traffic barriers, guard rails, signs, and storm water drain and pipes. Works on both approach roads will also begin soon.”

Councillor Williams said the new bridge would be open to traffic before the end of the year.

“Although we will still be carrying out work into next year, the bridge will be available for use in the next few months.

“This means we can also remove the old bridge without removing access across Gavial Creek.

“The old bridge has served the community well but it has been damaged in floods and cyclones, and is now coming to the end of its life.

“It will be removed while the cranes are here, as it would be a significant safety hazard to the new bridge in bad weather, but it is historically significant and we are still exploring how we can repurpose it for future use.

“There has been a bridge on this site since 1872. The old bridge that we see today is actually the third bridge that crossed Gavial Creek and started its life on the Boyne River, before being floated up here in the 1930s.”

Divisional Councillor Drew Wickerson said he was pleased the original bridge is remaining open throughout the works.

“Access across Gavial Creek is very important to local residents, so I’m pleased we’ve managed to make sure that access remains throughout this whole project.

“We really appreciate the community’s patience while we get this work done, and I look forward to seeing the finished product next year!”