Latest Mount Morgan Water Restrictions

Published on 09 March 2021

No 7 Dam Feb 2021

Level 6 Water Restrictions will be implemented in Mount Morgan from Monday 15 March, following the news that the No. 7 Dam has fallen to below 10% capacity. However, the water conservation by Mount Morgan residents means watering of private gardens can continue.

Water and Supporting a Better Environment Councillor Donna Kirkland said 10% was the trigger for Level 6 restrictions under Council’s Drought Management Plan.

“We understand it’s been an incredibly tough year for the Mount Morgan community, and I cannot praise their water wise behaviour highly enough.

“Without a doubt they have extended the time that the dam can continue to supply the community.

“The purpose of Level 6 restrictions is to keep daily usage under 0.8 ML, and ordinarily Level 6 restrictions would mean residents are no longer able to water private gardens unless they are using rain or recycled water.

“However, daily usage is already under 0.8 ML we have taken the decision for current gardening restrictions to remain, allowing the watering of gardens to continue.

“The calling of Level 6 is to heighten residents’ stewardship of their water usage, it is imperative that daily usage continues to be limited as much as possible.

“We will need to review this if water usage goes up or the dam level falls again, but I am hopeful it’s something we can continue for as long as possible.”

Divisional Councillor Cherie Rutherford said she was pleased watering of gardens would be able to continue for now.

“As we approached Level 6 restrictions I was really concerned that the impact of stopping watering of gardens would have on the community, especially given the continued hot weather.”

“Residents have worked so hard to keep plants and veggie patches alive despite the hot dry weather, and to say watering would no longer be possible would have been very tough.

“I’d also like to remind everyone that there are no limits on using rainwater, bore or recycled water in your garden, so I encourage residents to use these options as much as possible if available.  Water conservation is vital at this time and Council has a water wise fact sheet on its website should you need any advice in this regard.”

Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams said other work to support Mount Morgan was ongoing.

“We have recently carried out tanker trials to make sure all of the logistics are in place should we need to start trucking water up in future, and we will be holding a public meeting later this month to provide an update.

“Once again I want to make it very clear that residents will not be left without access to safe water, and we are continuing to explore options to improve the long term water security in Mount Morgan.”

All Mount Morgan residents will have a letter and a fact sheet delivered to them in the coming days. The fact sheet is here(PDF, 220KB), and information is also available at