Keep exploring parks and green spaces

Published on 02 June 2020

Alyssa Colyer, Councillor Cherie Rutherford, Havyn Porter 3.jpg

Council is encouraging residents to continue exploring the range of parks, gardens, and green spaces we’re lucky enough to call our own here in the Rockhampton Region.

Spokesperson for Parks and Public Spaces, Councillor Cherie Rutherford, said people have been taking the opportunity to discover new gems in their own backyard over the last few months.

“Our green places have always been a refuge for residents, however this has been particularly true lately,” said Cr Rutherford.

“Many of us have been spending more time outdoors, and I think this has contributed to a real sense of community as we navigate the impact of this pandemic.

“For many of us, it has also highlighted how lucky we are to have such a range of options close to home.

“While the most stringent level of COVID-19 restrictions were in place, it was nice to see people finding new gems in their neighbourhood to get in their essential exercise. I know these places meant a lot to many people while we were otherwise stuck indoors.

“Now that life has begun to find a new kind of normal, it is wonderful to spot people having picnics in the park, and see families once again enjoying our great play areas.

“As restrictions continue to ease, I really want to encourage people to continue getting out and exploring.

“We have more than 973 hectares of public land across our Region, which includes 167 parks. That’s a lot of parks waiting to be discovered!

“I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight our incredible parks crews for continuing to maintain these lovely outdoor areas under the current measures. I know our crews really take pride in their work.”

To discover more outdoor spaces in our Region and find a park near you head over to our website:

A video with Parks staff discussing their work and the impact of COVID-19 can be found here: