Hundreds take advantage of Microchipping and Vaccination Clinics

Published on 08 February 2019

Dog and responsible pet tshirt.jpg

Rockhampton Regional Council’s Microchipping and Vaccination clinics have seen hundreds of dog owners taking advantage of Council’s work to help keep dogs happy, healthy and safe.

Over 250 dogs were microchipped and 376 vaccinations were administered across the four clinics that took place between October and February.

Chair of the Planning and Regulatory Committee Councillor Ellen Smith said the clinics provide C3 vaccinations against three core life-threatening viruses: parvovirus, distemper, and infectious hepatitis, as recommended by the Australian Veterinary Association.

“We are really pleased with the amount of dogs we have been able to vaccinate and microchip.

“Our community is a proud community of animal lovers, but it’s vital that we all take responsibility to keep our pets healthy and safe.

“Across the Rockhampton Region there are now hundreds more dogs protected against life threatening viruses, and owners can take comfort in knowing that if their dog goes missing they will be very easy to find again thanks to the microchipping.”

Cr Smith thanked all the different agencies involved, saying the clinics wouldn’t have been possible without collaboration with community groups and local businesses.

“I really do have to commend our Local Laws officers for pulling together such an excellent program, and thank those who have collaborated with us to make the clinics a success including Paws for a Purpose, Torenbeek Vets, and Alma Street Vets.”