Get set to grow your plumpest pumpkin!

Published on 02 December 2019

Giant Pumpkin Competition

Plant your pumpkin seeds soon for a chance to take out the 2020 Rocky Show Giant Pumpkin Competition!

Rockhampton Agricultural Show Committee member Councillor Ellen Smith said the Giant Pumpkin Competition will be a crowd favourite at next year’s show, and a lot of fun for those who get involved.

“Prime growing season is just around the corner, which means it’s nearly time to start planting your potentially prize winning pumpkin,” said Cr Smith.

“The biggest pumpkins require the right seeds, and every competitor in the competition will be able to get the best start thanks to a generous donation from Russell Vogel, who won Grand Champion Heaviest Pumpkin of The Caves Show in 2019.

“Russell has kindly donated some seeds from the pumpkin that took out top place, which weighed in at a whopping 355.2kg.

“Get in touch with the Rockhampton Agricultural Show Committee today to get your seeds, and start growing your plumpest pumpkin ever.”

There are four competition categories, including heaviest pumpkin; largest pumpkin; youth heaviest pumpkin; and schools heaviest pumpkin.

The winner in each category will receive $100 in prize money, with $50 prize money for those who take out second place and $20 for those who come in third.

 The Rockhampton Agricultural Show Giant Pumpkin Competition is sponsored by Lawrence’s Holden.

Contact the Show Committee by emailing or calling 4936 8800, or visit the website for more information:

Russell Vogel’s top tips for growing giant pumpkins:

  • Prepare a minimum space of 6x6m for growing
  • Pumpkins traditionally grow during the summer months and mature in autumn
  • Plant your seed around 4 months prior to time of picking
  • First 4 weeks – the vine will begin to grow and flower.  Use some U shaped pins to secure the vine and protect it from the wind.
  • Second 4 weeks – the pumpkin will set. Once set, place a bed of sand under the pumpkin for good drainage and cover with shade cloth.
  • Set the pumpkin at a right angle from the vine.
  • Use a soaker hose and water every day
  • Giant pumpkins are heavy feeders so use plenty of manure/fertiliser – Russell uses double the amount of recommended fertiliser usage
  • Beware of downy mildew – use an anti-fungal spray weekly
  • Beware of rodents
  • Transport to the Rocky Show on a pallet (the Rockhampton Show team will have a forklift to assist your delivery at the Rocky Show)