First meeting of new Council

Published on 15 April 2020

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Following the declaration of the polls in the local government elections Rockhampton Regional Council yesterday held its first full Council meeting. A number of topics were covered, including announcing which councillors would be looking after which portfolio areas. 

The Mayor and sitting councillors remain unchanged, but following the retirement of Councillors Swadling and Schwarten there are two new faces at the table: Shane Latcham and Donna Kirkland.

Rockhampton Region Mayor, Margaret Strelow, said the councillors were all keen to get down to work.

“First of all I’d like to once again express my thanks to our outgoing councillors and welcome Cr Latcham and Cr Kirkland to the team.

“We have a great team and now that our portfolio responsibilities are agreed we are all raring to go.”

 The new portfolio responsibilities are as follows:

  • Advance Rockhampton – Economic Development and Events - Councillor Margaret Strelow
    • Assistant Portfolio with special responsibility for Tourism - Councillor Williams
  • Communities  -  Councillor  Drew Wickerson
    • Communities Strategic Plan;
    • Social planning and community capacity building;
    • Library services;
    • Community services;
      • Crime prevention and community safety
      • Cultural activities and festivals
      • Graffiti management,
    • Arts and Performing Arts;
  • Public Art,
  • Art Gallery,
  • Pilbeam Theatre,
  • Walter Reid,
  • Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).
  • Child care, youth and aged services; 
  • Indigenous and cultural heritage; and
  • Community facilities; 
  • Heritage Village,
  • Showgrounds,
  • Other facilities
  • Cemeteries
  • Planning and Regulation - Councillor Ellen Smith
    • Building and development legislation, policy and compliance;
      • Building,
      • Development assessment,
      • Plumbing;
      • Infrastructure planning and charging,
      • Land Use Planning,
      • Development Compliance.
  • Local Laws formation, review and compliance;
  • Animal management;
  • Parking.
  • Public health legislation, policy and compliance;
  • Pest Management,
  • Public health
  • Vector control.
  • Sports, Parks and Public Spaces - Councillor Cherie Rutherford
    • Sports and Recreation Strategies;
    • Provide Strategic Direction on Master Planning of Sites
    • Sporting Venues;
    • Parks;
    • Aquatic Centres and swimming pools;
    • Zoo
  • Water and Supporting a Better Environment - Councillor Donna Kirkland
    • Annual review of Fitzroy River Water performance plan;
    • Monitoring Fitzroy River Water performance plan;
    • Water risk management;
    • Strategic planning for regional water delivery and sewerage services;
    • Monitor the implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy
    • Advocate for and promote Sustainability initiatives and projects within Council and within the Region.
    • Provide leadership in the community around preparation for Climate Change and its impacts. 
  • Infrastructure – Councillor Tony Williams
    • Floodplain management
    • Footpaths and bikeways
    • Public lighting
    • Road Services
    • Storm water drainage and flood mitigation
    • Traffic control
    • Transport planning 
  • Airport Growth and Development - Councillor Neil Fisher
    • Annual review of Rockhampton Airport performance plan;
    • Monitoring the Rockhampton Airport performance plan;
    • Airport operational policies;
    • Strategic planning for Rockhampton Airport
    • Consider major business development opportunities. 
  • Waste and Waste to Resource Implementation - Councillor Shane Latcham
    • Annual review of Waste and Recycling performance plan
    • Monitoring waste and recycling performance plan;
    • Waste and Recycling operational policies;
    • Waste and Recycling risk management;
    • Waste Reduction and Recycling Act; and
    • Monitor, progress, and update Waste Strategy where necessary. 

 COVID-19 UPDATE: The health and safety of our community and our staff is paramount during the COVID-19 situation. In line with section 277E of the Local Government Regulation 2012, it has been determined that it is not practicable for the public to attend Council meetings in person at the current time. Until further notice, Council meetings will instead be livestreamed online. A link for members of the public to view this livestream of Council meetings will be published on this page and on Council’s Facebook page.  

For all the latest information on the COVID-19 situation in the Rockhampton Region, click here.