Heartbreaking outcome for pregnant chimpanzee, Samantha

Published on 30 April 2021


You can watch a video of Councillor Rutherford and Primate Keeper Blair Chapman giving an update here.

Rockhampton Regional Council has shared the incredibly sad news that the baby of Rockhampton Zoo chimpanzees, Samantha and Alon, was delivered stillborn yesterday afternoon.

Parks, Sport and Public Spaces Councillor, Cherie Rutherford said the news is heartbreaking and something that will be felt deeply by the community.

“It is absolutely devastating to share this news,” Cr Rutherford said.

“Zoo staff, working closely with veterinarians and a gynaecologist, made the difficult decision to step in and assist Samantha with the delivery of the baby yesterday.

“She underwent a caesarean section about 1:30pm however the baby was deceased. He was a boy.

“What makes this even more heart wrenching is that this is Samantha’s second baby loss – many would be aware that she gave birth in November of 2019, however tragically the baby was stillborn.

“Samantha is currently on antibiotics and pain medication, and her welfare is our highest priority.

“The chimpanzee enclosure will remain closed for the upcoming days, to allow the troop to mourn.

“We will provide more details once we have them.

“Our thoughts are with Samantha, the chimp troop, our staff and our community who are devastated by this loss.”