Celebrate our cheeky chimp cousins at the Zoo

Published on 10 July 2019


This Sunday is World Chimpanzee Day, and Rockhampton Zoo will be hosting a celebration of humankind’s closest relatives.

The Rockhampton Zoo World Chimpanzee Day fundraising event will take place from 11am to 2pm on Sunday 14 July at the Zoo’s main entrance.

Chair of Council’s Parks Committee Councillor Cherie Rutherford said that World Chimpanzee Day is a chance to celebrate chimps and to raise awareness.

“Chimps are incredible animals with which we share many traits,” said Cr Rutherford. 

“They make and use tools, they communicate with each other, and they have complex social structures.

“It only takes a few minutes of watching our wonderful chimps at the Zoo – especially baby Capri – to realise how similar we are to these animals, and to feel committed to their protection.

“Unfortunately, chimps are also highly endangered. 100 years ago, there were an estimated 1-2 million chimpanzees across 25 countries in Africa. Today, there may be as few as 175,000 wild chimpanzees across the continent.

“World Chimpanzee Day is all about celebrating our connection to our chimp cousins, and drawing attention to the need to care for, conserve, and protect them.

“We’re encouraging everyone to come along this Sunday to celebrate Rockhampton Zoo’s much-loved chimps, and to help fundraise for the conservation of chimps worldwide.

“There will be a barbeque as well as a raffle with exciting prizes, and a chance to purchase some paintings and paw prints made by the animals at the Zoo.

“Our primate keeper Blair Chapman will also deliver a special World Chimpanzee Day talk at the chimp enclosure at 12pm, where you can learn more about our cheeky cousins.

“All funds raised on the day will go to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia to help protect chimps in the wild.”