Call for businesses to get involved in waste workshop

Published on 28 May 2021


Is your business looking to find ways to save on landfill charges and see more of your waste recycled?

Rockhampton Regional Council has recently partnered with Central Queensland University (CQU) to look at ideas for a potential ‘Upcycle Village’ to divert waste from the landfill, and we’re asking the business community for their input.   

Waste and Recycling Councillor Shane Latcham said businesses who would like to save on landfill fees and see more of their waste recycled were invited to come along to a workshop on Wednesday 2 June to help shape ideas.

“This project is still in very early stages at the moment,” Cr Latcham said.

“The reason we want to talk to businesses is because a significant amount of the waste that is created – such as textiles, wood, e-waste and organic waste – is potentially recoverable. It’s actually a resource for new items.

“However, at the moment a lot of this is ending up straight in landfill, which is bad for the environment and bad for their bottom line.

“We really want to work with these businesses to understand what’s currently going to landfill and how we could work together to recover these materials in order to guide our plans for a potential Upcycle Village.

“This all forms part of our Waste Strategy, and our vision to become a zero waste community by 2050.”

Steve Williams, Program Manager Social Innovation at CQU, said this is an exciting project.

“Thanks to the Queensland Government and the Queensland Social Enterprise Council, CQUni are thrilled to be working with Rockhampton Regional Council to help move towards a more circular economy,” Mr Williams said.

Businesses interested in attending the workshop on 2 June can register here: