Blue-Green Algae Bloom in Fitzroy River

Published on 23 November 2023

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Rockhampton Regional Council is urging residents to avoid recreational activities in the Fitzroy River with the presence of blue-green algae currently in bloom.

Recent sampling revealed low to moderate levels of blue-green algae from the barrage area to Alligator Creek boat ramp including the Ski Gardens and rowing club areas.

Tests have shown that the bloom is made up of potentially toxic blue-green algae and could pose a hazard to public health from direct contact or ingestion of untreated water.

Treated drinking water remains safe for residents however with increased testing at the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant showing the algae is successfully being removed during the treatment process. 

Some residents have experienced an ‘earthy’ taste even after the algae has been removed during treatment, however this does not present a health risk in treated water.

Fitzroy River Water (FRW) is currently treating the water to remove the changes to taste, which will take several days to move through the water network.   

Residents are reminded that boiling raw water is not a solution to treating blue-green algae and any livestock should also be relocated away from the water margin as it is potentially toxic to animals.

FRW will continue daily testing to ensure the ongoing safety of drinking water from the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant and also at several freshwater recreational areas within the Rockhampton Regional Council area.

Signage will be erected across these recreational sites.