Alternating Saturday hours for Mount Morgan and Gracemere Libraries

Published on 08 November 2022

Library Opening Hours.png

Rockhampton Regional Council will be alternating the opening of the Mount Morgan Library and Gracemere Library on Saturdays until the end of the year.

Assistant Communities and Heritage Councillor Cherie Rutherford said while a recent review of staff requirements was undertaken, to consider if two staff are required for weekend shifts, Council made the decision to temporarily close Mount Morgan Library on Saturdays.

“After further consideration, Council has decided to alternate the opening of the Mount Morgan and Gracemere Library on Saturdays while we continue the review," Cr Rutherford said.

“Libraries play an important role in communities, and we want to ensure we're offering a library service to the whole of the Rockhampton Region.

“This Saturday, Gracemere Library will be closed, and Mount Morgan Library will be open to the public. This alternation will continue until the end of this year.

“Currently, this is the most effective solution to manage staffing requirements and ensure we have two staff members on shift.

“It's anticipated that the review will be complete by the end of the year, and we will keep the community informed as we proceed.”

Divisional Councillor Ellen Smith said although closing the Gracemere Library every second Saturday is not ideal, it's a better outcome than having one library closed every Saturday.

“Libraries are an essential service to all communities and it's our job to ensure we're offering a service that's convenient for our communities. 

“Once the review is complete, we will consider the best outcome for our communities and Council staff. 

“We thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this time.”

Please visit to view the opening hours for the rest of the year.