3m croc spotted near Fitzroy Barrage

Published on 06 January 2021

Croc 3.JPG

Rockhampton Regional Council is reminding people that the Fitzroy River is known crocodile habitat, after a 3m croc was filmed on the bank of the river near the Barrage earlier this week. You can watch the footage on our Facebook page.

Acting Mayor Councillor Neil Fisher said the Department of Environment regularly receives sighting reports along the Fitzroy River, and urged people to be crocwise whenever they are near the water.

“Although this crocodile has not displayed any threatening behaviour we are urging people to be vigilant and practice crocwise safety,” he said.

“Crocodiles are a vital part of the Australian eco-system and are commonly found in waterways such as the Fitzroy River.

“This crocodile was filmed on the bank of the river opening its mouth and demonstrating normal crocodile behaviour. This behaviour is not considered threatening or concerning.

“We have reported it to the Department of Environment and they have advised they will monitor the crocodile.  

“The Department has advised a removal is not necessary as the animal hasn’t exhibited any dangerous behaviours.”

Acting Mayor Fisher said the sighting was also a timely reminder for those who fish illegally at the Barrage fish ladder to stop once and for all.

“Fishing is banned 400m upstream and 400m downstream of the Barrage to help preserve fish stocks.

“However, staying away from known crocodile habitat also seems like a pretty good reason to me.

“We’ve recently seen some children illegally fishing just 20m from where this croc was spotted, so please make sure you and your family are staying safe and not breaking the law.”

Fitzroy River Water and the Department of Environment and Science is installing additional signage at the Barrage to warn the public of the crocodile’s presence.

Fishing in closed waters carries a maximum fine of $110,000. If you suspect illegal fishing please report it to the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116.

The public is encouraged to report all crocodile sightings to the Department of Environment and Science. Reports can be made via the Qwildlife app (available on the app store or Google play store) or by calling 1300 130 372.

DES is reminding people that Rockhampton is known Croc Country and urge people in the area to always be Crocwise.

In particular:

  • Expect crocodiles in ALL north Queensland waterways even if there is no warning sign     
  • Obey all warning signs – they are there to keep you safe
  • Be aware crocs also swim in the ocean and be extra cautious around water at night
  • Stay well away from croc traps – that includes fishing and boating
  • The smaller the vessel the greater the risk, so avoid using canoes and kayaks
  • Stand back from the water’s edge when fishing and don’t wade in to retrieve a lure
  • Camp at least 50 metres from the edge of the water 
  • Never leave food, fish scraps or bait near water, camp site or boat ramp
  • Never provoke, harass or feed crocs
  • Always supervise children near the water and keep pets on a lead 
  • Remember, you are responsible for your own safety in Croc Country
  • Report all croc sightings to DES by calling 1300 130 372.

Further information on being Crocwise is available here.