Register of Interests

A Register of Interests must be kept by the Chief Executive Officer of the Council, detailing the financial and non-financial interests of each Councillor and their immediate family. The CEO must not delegate the power to keep a Register of Interests.

A local government must ensure a public extract of a Register of Interests for Councillors may be inspected by the public at the local government's public office and on its website. The public extract will include information in the register relating to:

  • gifts received
  • hospitality benefits received
  • memberships of organisations

A Councillor must advise the CEO (on the prescribed form) within 30 days of knowing there has been a change in their status in the register.

The inclusion of a personal interest on a Councillor's register of interest does not make the Councillor exempt from making a declaration of either a material personal interest or a conflict of interest at a Council meeting.

Click here(PDF, 90KB) to download the latest Conflict of Interest Register.

To view a Councillor's Register of Interest please click on the below:

Her Worship, The Mayor - Councillor Margaret Strelow(PDF, 335KB) 
Amended Register of Interest 3 June 2014(PDF, 436KB) 
Amended Register of Interest 26 June 2014(PDF, 439KB) 
Amended Register of Interest 15 August 2014(PDF, 324KB)
Amended Register of Interest 3 June 2014(PDF, 436KB)
Amended Register of Interest 5 May 2015(PDF, 315KB)
Amended Register of Interest 1 December 2015(PDF, 234KB)
Amended Register of Interest 16 April 2016(PDF, 279KB)
Amended Register of Interest 15 February 2017(PDF, 317KB)
Amended Register of Interest 16 August 2017(PDF, 224KB)
Amended Register of Interest 18 December 2017(PDF, 276KB)
Amended Register of Interest 6 August 2018(PDF, 309KB)
Amended Register of Interest 12 September 2018(PDF, 320KB)
Amended Register of Interest 25 October 2019(PDF, 504KB)


Division 4 - Councillor Ellen Smith(PDF, 360KB)
Division 4 - Councillor Ellen Smith - Addendum(PDF, 320KB)

Division 5 - Deputy Mayor, Councillor Cherie Rutherford(PDF, 356KB)

(PDF, 224KB)Division 6 - Councillor Drew Wickerson(PDF, 332KB)

Division 3 - Councillor Tony Williams(PDF, 5MB)

Division 1 - Councillor Shane Latcham(PDF, 1MB)

Division 2 - Councillor Neil Fisher(PDF, 590KB)

Gift and Hospitality Register - Councillors

The Chief Executive Officer maintains a ‘Gift and Hospitality Register – Councillors’ for gifts and/or benefits received by Councillors whilst undertaking their duties and/or while representing Council.

All requests to inspect the Gifts and Hospitality Register – Councillors must be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 1860, Rockhampton Q 4700.