North Rockhampton Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

  • Project typeConstruction
  • Project valueApproximately $85 Million
  • Project schedule30 June 2025
North Rockhampton Sewage Treatment Plant

Project Scope

Part A - Construction of a new 25,000 Equivalent Person (EP) sewage treatment process train to upgrade the Plant's current capacity of 50,000 EP to 75,000 EP.

Part B - Upgrade of all electrical and mechanical aeration equipment, plus condition assessment of civil works of the existing process trains.

Part C - Effluent filtration, UV disinfection and effluent pump station and reticulation to maximise effluent reuse.


The increased capacity will ensure that residential and other urban growth in North Rockhampton can be serviced for at least the next 30 years. The project will also further improve the removal of nutrients from the effluent and reduce our environmental footprint on the Fitzroy River estuary.


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