How can I get rid of rats and mice?

Rats and mice may be killed by baiting or trapping.  These methods will most likely provide only a short term solution to remove rats and mice that are already present on a property.


  • Can be purchased from most hardware stores and many supermarkets.
  • Are available in pre-made bait stations from commercial pest control suppliers.
  • Can be very effective, however baits must be used with extreme care and according to label instructions to avoid accidental poisoning.
  • Should be placed in sheltered bait stations that prevent accidental access to the bait and encourage feeding in a protective environment.
  • May cause the rats and mice to die in the house resulting in an unpleasant odour for a few days.
  • If your pet consumes rat bait, see advice from your vet as soon as possible. 


  • Can be purchased from hardware stores, some supermarkets and commercial pest control suppliers.
  • Available in many different types
  • Use a range of different lure types including peanut butter, apple, pumpkin seeds, meat or fish.
  • Should be placed in sheltered locations where the rats and mice feel comfortable feeding and they will not be encountered by non-target species such as birds, lizards and native mammals.

Professional Rat and Mice Control

If these methods are unsuccessful, or you prefer not to use them, you may need to consult a professional management Technician..