Forms and Publications

Waste & Recycling Forms and Fact Sheets

Waste Policies & Procedures and Fees & Charges

Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule

Council’s Revenue Statement  - look under Utility Charges for domestic and commercial waste and recycling service charges

Waste and Recycling Policies and Procedures

  • Waste and Recycling Collection Route Expansion Procedure
  • Waste and Recycling Collection Services Policy
  • Waste and Recycling Collection Services Procedure
  • Waste and Recycling Services Community Service Obligations Policy
  • Waste and Recycling Services Community Service Obligations Procedure

Waste Facilities Fact Sheets and Forms

Fees and Charges at Waste Facilities(PDF, 1MB)

What can I drop off and where (includes map & opening hours(PDF, 822KB))

Domestic Asbestos Waste Fact Sheet

Commercial Asbestos Waste Fact Sheet

Waste Collections Fact Sheets and Forms

Wheelie Bin Collection Services Brochure

Recycling Wheelie Bin Fortnightly Service Calendar(PDF, 315KB)

Wheelie Bin Collection Services Form - for new, change or cancellation of kerbside wheelie bin collection services

Applications forms for Assisted Services can be obtained from Customer Service or from your Doctor

Waste Education and Community Forms, Fact Sheets and Information

Waste and Recycling Education Tour/Guest Presentation Booking form  

Community Sharps Disposal Bins

Household Waste & Recycling Pantry Reference Card

Household Bin System Labels(PDF, 395KB)

For Workplace bin system labels, go to Get Set Up at home and at work page  

Other relevant Council Information and Forms

Council’s Customer Service Standards 

Council's Annual Reports

Council's customer forms list

Community Assistance Program application for Waste and Recycling Services is available only by request - please contact us if your charitable organisation would like to apply.