Traffic Study Report

In 2006, Arup Consulting Engineers were engaged by Council to undertake a Traffic Study to identify the future road network requirements for Rockhampton City until 2021. The Rockhampton Traffic Study is a joint study between Council and the Department of Main Roads.

A previous review of the road network needs for Rockhampton was completed in 1991. An updated review was necessary because of the elapsed time since the 1991 study and residential development pressures emerging in the city.

The investigations and recommendations arising from the Rockhampton Traffic Study 2008 report provide essential strategic information for Council and will be utilised to:

  1. Assist with the assessment of significant developments within Rockhampton City, particularly in the Parkhurst area
  2. Develop a 10 year network improvement strategy which in turn will inform Council's 10 year financial strategy
  3. Form the basis of Council's Priority Infrastructure Plan and Infrastructure Charging schedule for transport within Rockhampton City
  4. Act as a significant source document for the Main Roads Department's proposed Fitzroy Flood, Freight and Traffic Study.

It must be noted that the Rockhampton Traffic Study 2008 makes recommendations from a transport modelling perspective only. The recommended future year road network hierarchy includes notional links used for traffic modelling purposes only. These notional links as shown on future year road network hierarchy plans are indicative only and will be subject to further planning and feasibility studies to identify future road corridor requirements. No person should place reliance on information derived from the Rockhampton Traffic Study 2008 where such reliance may result in loss, damage or injury. In these circumstances, specific enquiries should be made to Council to obtain verified information from the relevant Council Officers.

View the Rockhampton Traffic Study.(PDF, 4MB)