Water treatment plants

Fitzroy River Water maintains two water treatment plants located at Parkhurst (North Rockhampton) and Mount Morgan. They each supply safe and secure drinking water to residents living within the Rockhampton Region.

Glenmore Water Treatment Plant

Commenced operation:                  1971

Water source:                                 Fitzroy River Barrage

Capacity to treat:                            120 Ml/d

Maximum demand:                         114 Ml/d from 2002-03

Supplies water to:                           Rockhampton, Gracemere, and provides bulk water to the Capricorn Coast (Livingstone Shire Council)

This plant contains an Operations Control Room which monitors activity across the entire water and sewerage networks 24 hours a day.

Mount Morgan Water Treatment Plant

Commenced operation:                  1994

Water source:                                 Mount Morgan No. 7 Dam and Fletchers Dam

Capacity to treat:                            ~2.6 Ml/d

Supplies water to:                           Mount Morgan and surrounds