Notifications & Figures

 View service interruptions, water quality and consumption, storage levels and restrictions.

Water Notices & Billing

Water notices and billing

Fitzroy River Water issues property owners or tenants within the Rockhampton Region with a quarterly Water Usage Notice or Tenants Advice Only. Each includes detailed meter readings, consumption figures and relative graphs.

Water Usage Notice

This is for the property owner and states the amount of water used at the property, and the cost owing.

Property owners are required to pay the water access charges outlined on the Water Usage Notices. Residents who are renting should check their tenancy agreement with their Real Estate relating to water service charges as the resident may be required to pay access charges.

The How do I read my Water Notice Fact Sheet(PDF, 626KB) explains how to read your Water Usage Notice.

Council can now send your water usage notice direct to your inbox with eNotices. See the FAQs on the Rates Page of Councils website for details on how to opt-in to receive your notices via email. You can then download, save, print or just leave the notices in your inbox to access and pay on the go. 

Tenant Advice Notice

This is for the tenants of properties that are not owner occupied and does not require any action. These notices act as a tool for tenants to track and monitor their water usage. 

It is a legislative requirement, in accordance with the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act, for Rockhampton Regional Council to send Tenant Advice Only water notices to properties that are not owner occupied.

Water pricing structure

Residential customers will be charged a quarterly tiered consumption rate. Charging for each quarter will be based on the graduated water usage tiers below;

  • 0 to 75kL (at the cheapest rate)
  • 76-150kL (at a medium rate)
  • over 150kL (at a high rate set to discourage excessive usage).

Each layer of allocation is applied cumulatively over a three month period meaning that at the commencement of each new quarter, bills will reset to commence calculating from the cheapest rate again.

Non-residential customers will be charged on a single tier consumption charge. The current consumption charges can be found on theWater Access and Consumption Charges Fact Sheet.(PDF, 859KB)

How to pay your Water Usage Notice

Water Notices can be paid in person or via phone through Council’s Customer Service Centres, online payments can be made using Bpoint, and payments may also be made using Australia Post's Post Billpay system.

Water Saving Rebates

Residents in the Rockhampton Region who purchase and install water efficient products can apply to receive rebates under theResidential Rebate Scheme for Water Efficient Products Policy(PDF, 180KB).

Available rebates

  • Washing Machines (WELS rated 4.5 stars)   $100 
  • Shower Roses (WELS rated 3 star)               $25
  • Dual Flush Toilets                                           $50
  • Dishwasher (WELS rated 4.5 stars)               $100
  • Stand-alone tanks                                          $250 maximum
  • Integrated tanks                                             $500 maximum


To be eligible for a rebate, the requirements are:

  • (a) Be the owner of a residential property in the Region; or
  • (b) Be the tenant of a residential property in the Region and registered at the address on the Australian electoral roll. Where registration cannot be confirmed, alternative documentation must be provided to verify the tenancy for example drivers licence or utility notice; and
  • (c) Have purchased and installed eligible water efficient product/s at a residential property in the Region and made a claim within 12 months of the product/s purchase as indicated from the date on the receipt.

A rebate can only be claimed for one of each water efficient product type per applicant; The rebate is for the retrofit of eligible water efficient products in existing residential properties only, with the exception of the purchase of new washing machines.

How to apply

Service Interuptions

Fitzroy River Water attends to both planned maintenance and unplanned interruptions to water supply.

Planned Maintenance

You can view planned maintenance notices via Council's Public Notices.

Unplanned Interruptions

Unplanned interruptions to water supply can happen for many reasons including broken water mains, issues with water pump stations or human error (turning the water meter off).

Current service interruptions

Incident   When Location/s affected Details
Planned Water Shutdown Tuesday, 28th November 2023 (9am to 12pm)

Quay Lane, from North Street to Albert Street, Rockhampton City


Fitzroy River Water wishes to advise residents of a planned water shutdown for approximately 3 hours and will affect around 14 properties. Residents have been notified by way of a letter drop. This is necessary for crews to carry out essential maintenance to the water network.

Please note: This page is updated during business hours only (8am - 4pm weekdays). 

Drinking Water Quality

Fitzroy River Water undertakes several water samples at the Rockhampton and Mount Morgan Water Treatment Plants to measure the drinking water quality. This includes, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Sodium, Electrical Conductivity (E.C), Hardness and pH in the water. 

Drinking Water Quality Samples

as at 10 October 2023



Mount Morgan

TDS (mg/L)



Sodium (mg/L)

32 33

E.C. (uS/cm)



Hardness (mg/L)






1 Includes potable water supplied to Gracemere, The Caves, Nerimbera and to parts of the Capricorn Coast.

Weekly Water Consumption

Fitzroy River Water provides a weekly report on water consumption in the Region each Friday.

 Weekly Consumption Figures

Week Ending: 23 November 2023

Average Daily
Consumption ML

Peak Daily
Consumption ML 


43.662 67.131


6.527 10.073

 Mount Morgan

0.580 0.769

 Supply to LSC

12.054 15.262

LSC = Livingstone Shire Council.

Water Storage Levels

Fitzroy River Water reports on the accessible water storage volumes of the Rockhampton Barrage and Mount Morgan No.7 Dam in the Region. 

Storage Volume Levels

  • Rockhampton Barrage - 94%
  • Mount Morgan No. 7 Dam - 39%

Last Updated 14 September 2023.

Water Restrictions

View the current water restrictions within the Rockhampton Region.

All Rockhampton Regional Council residents are encouraged to continue their efforts with conserving water around their homes, business and garden. Take a look at our Community Education resources for information.

Mount Morgan Restrictions

Level 6 Water Restrictions commenced in Mount Morgan on Monday 15 March 2021, following the news that the No. 7 Dam has fallen to below 10% capacity.  However, the water conservation by Mount Morgan residents means watering of private gardens can continue so long as the community keeps under the 0.8 ML per day target.

The prohibition of all hand watering using a hose: only hand watering using a bucket or watering can is permitted between 7am and 8am or 5pm and 6pm in accordance with the existing odd or even numbered properties' allocated watering days. There are no restrictions on using recycled or bore water in your garden. There is more information here and the fact sheet is here(PDF, 220KB)

Exemptions from some restrictions have been granted for the elderly and disabled, and Mount Morgan Swimming Pool is also exempt to ensure it can remain open for public use. Please call us if you'd like to discuss an exemption.  

To view more about Mount Morgan, visit Major Projects page. 

Blue-Green Algae Levels

All persons are warned that blue-green algae can be present in Fitzroy River Water's storage areas and may affect the health of the persons coming into contact with the water. The recreation hazard posed by blue-green algae varies according to the amount of algae present within the storage at any time.

The current recreation hazard level should be checked before recreational activities are undertaken. As the recreation hazard increases, so does the risk of being adversely affected through these activities.

The latest findings at Fitzroy River Water's recreational sites are below.

Blue-green algae levels

Recreational Site

Current Hazard Level

Date Sampled

Alligator Creek Boat Ramp


06 November 2023

Laurel Bank Boat Ramp


23 November 2023

Richardson Road Boat Ramp
(off Larcombe Street)


06 November 2023

Ramsden Street Boat Ramp


06 November 2023

Mount Morgan No. 7 Dam


06 November 2023

Please visit the Queensland Government’s Harmful algae webpage for more information.