Get Ready: Pack Supplies

As a result of a disaster you may be unable to leave your home or neighbourhood for an extended period of time. Be prepared by having an Emergency Kit stocked and ready for this type of situation. You should include essential supplies to equip your household for at least three days of isolation. Bear in mind any equipment you may need in case of power loss, such as a barbeque for meal preparation, and ensure that you check your kit regularly to ensure provisions are fresh and safe.


In addition to your Emergency Kit you need to pack Evacuation Kits – one for each member of the household - as there may be times during an emergency where it becomes unsafe for your household to stay at home and you need to evacuate. These kits are small "grab and go" bags containing everything an individual needs if staying away from home for an extended period of time at a location where basic bedding, food and cooking equipment are provided. Ideally, this would be the home of a friend or family member, but may be an emergency evacuation centre as a last resort.

Important documents and valuables or momentos are essential elements of your kits so saving hard copies or digitising these items is crucial. Staff at any of the Rockhampton Region libraries are able to assist with scanning important documents onto USB, while the DIY Memory Lab at Gracemere Library contains archival grade equipment for digitising personal or community collections. The Memory Lab has equipment that allows to you digitise multiple formats and materials including:

  • Documents, letters, postcards or booklets
  • Photographs, slides and negatives
  • Super 8 and 8mm film (picture only, not audio)
  • CD and DVD
  • Audio cassettes
  • VHS
  • Vinyl records