Local Disaster Management Strategies


The Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements (QDMA) are based upon partnerships between Local and State governments. These partnerships recognise that each level of the disaster management arrangements must not only work collaboratively but in unison to ensure the effective coordination of planning, services, information and resources necessary for comprehensive disaster management.

Rockhampton Regional Council is committed to ensuring our Region is prepared for any disaster. The Local Disaster Management Plan (LDMP) is prepared in accordance with the Disaster Management Act 2003

The Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) is responsible for developing and implementing the LDMP to manage disaster operations in the area.  This includes the planning, organisation, coordination, and implementation of all measures to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters within the Rockhampton Region. In the event of a disaster, one of the responsibilities of the LDMG is to activate the Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC), which plans and implements strategies and activities on behalf of the LDMG. The LDCC is managed by Council and is staffed by local government employees, local emergency services, and non-government organisations. 

Whilst the Rockhampton Regional Council LDMG, LDCC, and relevant emergency services will do all they can to assist the community in times of disaster, it should be remembered that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own safety and need to be aware of the hazards that could affect their community. Community engagement and education activities aim to support the community to build individual resilience and take action to Get Ready, Respond, and Recover.

Local Disaster Management Plan

The Local Disaster Management Plan (LDMP) and its Sub Plans have undergone an extensive review. The updated LDMP was endorsed at the LDMG meeting on 13 January 2022 and is available here: Rockhampton Regional Council Local Disaster Management Plan


Referable Dams

All referable dams must have an approved emergency action plan (EAP) in place. An emergency action plan (EAP) is required to minimise the risk of harm to persons or property if a referable dam were to fail. Find out more information about Referable Dams in the Rockhampton Region here.