Be prepared


Be aware and be prepared for natural disasters in our Region. It is important that you and your family know how to be prepared and what steps to take.

Follow the four basic steps outlined on the RACQ Get Ready Queensland website to lessen the risk to you and your family. 

Step 1. Prepare your Emergency Plan

Download an Emergency Plan template to step you through the process to prepare your household. Check the flood maps or other information that may be posted on our website to view expected areas that may receive flood water inundation or be impacted by the event. It is also recommend you prepare an Emergency Plan for your pets.

Practice your household emergency plan every three months to ensure everyone in your household knows what they are doing. Display your emergency plan and key contact information on your fridge, provide copies to household members, relevant friends and a copy in your emergency kit.

Step 2. Prepare an Emergency Kit 

Find out how to prepare your household emergency and evacuation kits and download fact sheets that detail what needs to be included in your kits.

Step 3. Prepare your home

Find out what steps you can take to prepare your home through a range of suggested tasks such as remove debris from areas that may have water inundation, clear grass, bushes, etc. that may provide fuel for bushfires, and secure items that may be able to be blown around in strong winds.  Taking steps now will assist you prepare your home and property to minimise potential damage.

Step 4. Tune into Warnings

Listen to the local radio (837AM ABC) and/or local television station. Check the Bureau of Meterology website for weather updates, the Queensland Disaster Management Services website for Emergency Alerts and Council’s website for local updates including possible evacuation information and routes.

Be Prepared - Resources

There are a number of resources available to help residents be prepared for the upcoming season.



Rockhampton Regional Council Emergency Action Guide(PDF, 4MB)

The Emergency Action Guide has been put together to provide        residents with information to help you fully prepare for hazards if and when a disaster does occur within our Region.

Throughout the booklet there will be a number of resources listed to help you be prepared.  

 Disasters Happen DVD Cover  


Be Aware, Be Prepared - Disasters Happen DVD

The Disasters Happen DVD has been put together to provide a visual guide for residents that contains the most important information about the four main disasters that have an impact on our Region; Bushfires, Cyclones, Storm Surges and Floods.

We recommend that you make a point of watching the video several times. 

Copies of the Emergency Action Guide and Be Aware, Be Prepared - Disasters Happen DVD can be picked up from Rockhampton Regional Council's Customer Service Centres at Gracemere, Mount Morgan and Rockhampton.

The SES Get Ready Guide is a comprehensive document which provides steps to prepare for potential hazards that Queenslanders may face. It has safety tips, emergency plan and emergency contacts templates for you and your household to complete.

School Visits and Disaster Information Sessions

Preparing children for a disaster is important. The Disaster Management Officer or Local Disaster Coordinator is available to speak with school groups and classes on disasters and what they can do to be prepared.

Disaster Information Sessions with community groups, non-for-profit organisations and aged/disabled service providers about disaster preparedness and mitigation can also be arranged.

Visits or information sessions can be organised (subject to availability) by calling Council on (07) 4932 9000 or 1300 22 55 77 or emailing