Preschool children playing at City Child Care Centre

Our Early Years Learning Framework is a holistic approach, encompassing a wide range of teaching strategies. As part of this we offer a range of activities that help children transition from preschool to school.

What to bring

All children will need the following items, regardless of the rooms they start in:

  • Sheets
  • A clearly named water bottle
  • Clearly named lunch box
  • A hat  - bucket hat or legionnaires (NO CAPS) 
  • A family photo
  • Please apply sunscreen before your child goes outside in the morning

Preschool requirements

  • All food and drink that your child will consume for the day.  It is a good idea to pack a little extra as children may eat more here than at home. Watching other people eat tends to stimulate children’s appetites.
  • Spare clothes (two sets).  Educators will change children when necessary.