Nutrition and sun safety

Children eating lunch


Parents are encouraged to provide adequate, nutritionally balanced food for their children from the five basic food groups.  Foods based on sugar, fats/oils, and highly processed foods (lollies, soft drinks, cream biscuits/cakes, chips) are discouraged in the interests of children’s good health.  Nutrition Australia recommends that foods with more than 15% fat or sugar per 100g are not recommended for children.  If you would like help with understanding this or to suggest some healthier options please see Kylie for more information.

A variety of foods from the five food groups are encouraged and plenty of drinking water is available. Meals and snacks are always per the daily routine and at regular times and self-help is promoted.  Individual assistance is always given where appropriate.  The educator in the room will notify you if your child particularly loves some foods and similarly if your child doesn’t seem to be eating others.  It is important to us that we communicate your child’s eating patterns as children are frequently changing likes and dislikes.   

Morning tea is a shared fruit platter in each room; please ensure you send at least one piece of fruit per day for each child. 

We are a breast feeding friendly centre, please feel free to come in and breastfeed throughout the day. 

If you are unable to please feel free to send along expressed breast milk Educators follow the Service’s written Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) and Formula – Storing and Heating Procedure when storing and heating babies’ bottles.

We have two comfortable chairs available one in the nursery room or if you would prefer privacy we have one in the sleep room. 

Sun safety 

As we are a sun smart centre all children must wear broad-brimmed or legionnaire style hats. For added protection parents are asked to apply sunscreen to children prior to bringing them to the centre.  The Centre recommends shirts with sleeves. Bucket hats are available for purchase from the centre if you wish.  

City Child Care Centre is committed to protecting your child from over-exposure to the sun’s damaging rays therefore we will remain inside from 10.00am to 3.00pm.  The centre supplies sunscreen, however if your child requires a specific brand please send your own sunscreen.