Reusing and upcycling


Did you know? Just one garage sale can divert six trolley loads of reusable household items away from landfill.

Creative reuse of items by upcycling, repairing or repurposing breathes a whole new life into pre-loved items. Reusing and buying second hand saves resources from being wasted, saves time and labour required to make it originally (and to replace it) and diverts waste from landfill. When you think about it, second hand is certainly not second rate.

Below are some top tips on how to reuse and get thrifty.

Reuse, repair, repurpose or upcycle!

There are many ways you can 'reuse' your household items in a different way. Limited only by your imagination - the list is almost endless!

  • Reuse common household items like glass jars and metal tins for storage in the kitchen, shed or craft cupboard.  
  • Get items like clothing, tyres and furniture maintained or repaired so they provide you with many more years of service. Better yet, consider learning a life skill and learn how to repair the items yourself using do-it-yourself video guides.
  • Get some repurposing inspiration from popular home decor trends - think rustic ladders hanging as feature lighting, vintage drawers as wall shelves or suitcases stacked to create a bedside table.
  • Have a go at upcycling items like converting old skateboards into seating stools, a set of draws into a dolls house, or pallets into sturdy outdoor furniture. 
Swap, sell or donate!

Find the perfect new match for your pre-loved household items.

  • Take items to a swap meet or maybe even set up a mini swap event yourself.
  • Find a new home for your pre-loved items by selling them online, in a garage sale or via local handy traders and classifieds. 
  • Responsibly donate your pre-loved items to one of the many local charity op shops or drop off reusable items at Reviva Ibis at the Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility.
Buy secondhand!

Treasure hunting and picking up a bargain from second hand stores makes good sense for the environment, your hip pocket plus it supports local charity programs. 

  • Check the local second hand stores first when an item is required - often you can pick up a one of a kind item for a fraction of the price.
  • Pick up a bargain at a garage sale or keep an eye on online local buy, swap, sell sites to pick up a bargain.
  • Look into options made with reclaimed materials.

There are so many more helpful resources available to find a new purpose, life, or home for a pre-loved item. Check out some of them below.