Reef Guardian Council

Rockhampton Regional Council is a proud member of the Reef Authority’s Reef Guardian Councils program.

Councils have an important role in water, waste and land management, planning for sustainable population growth, ensuring environmentally sound developments and working to address climate change. Together, Reef Guardian Councils recognise that local and regional approaches are central to protecting and managing the Reef and the communities it supports.

As a Reef Guardian Council, we are committed to working together to build the resilience of the Reef through our Reef Guardian Action Plan. Rockhampton Regional Council's progress is monitored via the governance framework established for Council's Sustainability Strategy and reported via the Sustainability Year in Review.

Did you know...

The Rockhampton Region includes extensive wetlands, creeks and river systems covering some 407km2 or 6% of our total area. The Fitzroy River is the region’s major waterway and the largest river catchment flowing to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. Learn more about how our catchment connects to the Reef below.