About us

Who we are and what we do 

Our Annual Report is a good starting point for finding a range of information about how Rockhampton Regional Council operates.

Council's role in Government
Rockhampton Regional Council is a Local Government Council - part of the third or lowest level of government in Australia, often seen as being the most accessible to the people.

Mayor, Councillor and Divisions
Rockhampton Regional Council currently has 7 divisions. Residents in each division elect a Councillor to represent their community's needs. All Rockhampton Region residents elect the Mayor.

Local Government Elections
The Queensland State Government has legislated that the Electoral Commission of Queensland conduct all Council Elections.

Council's Organisational Structure
Our organisational structure is decided by Council. Council administration is responsible to the Rockhampton Regional Council Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Evan Pardon.

Laws and Regulations
The Rockhampton Regional Council is responsible for ensuring state and local government laws and regulations are observed.

Doing business with Council
Information about supplying goods and services to the Rockhampton Regional Council.

Contact Council
You can contact Council via phone, mail or email, or in person.