Safety improvements for high-risk crash zone underway

Published on 15 February 2024

Notice of roadworks.png

Upgrades to the Kent and Denison Street intersections along Derby Street will commence from 19 February as part of the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program, designed to deliver safer roads.

The upgrade will be undertaken in two stages with the first stage to include the construction of a single-lane roundabout at the Derby and Kent Street intersection, and the second stage improving the rail intersection at Derby and Denison Street.

The roundabout at Derby and Kent Street is designed to reduce the speed of traffic approaching the Denison Street rail line intersection.

Raised traffic calming platforms at the rail intersection will further lower approach speeds while new line marking and parking changes will improve visibility at the intersection, reducing the risk of accidents.

Stage one is scheduled to commence 19 February, concluding in July. Stage two will begin at the end of July and is expected to be completed at the end of September 2024, subject to road and weather conditions.

During construction, Council asks residents and road users in the area to follow the detour signs and be mindful of the works.

Other Black Spot road upgrades currently underway include the Denham Street intersection at Murray Street, Kent Street and West Street, which is expected to conclude in August 2024.