Rocky embraces alfresco dining

Published on 02 October 2019


The Rockhampton CBD will soon be made even more pleasant for diners and café-goers as Council expands the successful Dining Platform Initiative. 

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow said the decision to install three new platforms will add to the atmosphere and vitality of the CBD. The platforms will be at the Two Professors, Hero Kebabs, and Renny's cafe.

“The Artizan Bakery, Coffee Society, and Ginger Mule were the first businesses to install these platforms,” said Mayor Strelow.

“It’s obvious how successful these platforms have been, and how much diners are enjoying having an option to sit outdoors.  

“The dining platforms have also brought some fantastic benefits to these businesses, including expanded seating capacity.

“In April this year we extended approval for these three dining platforms for another six months, and approved a fourth platform at 45East, which has also been a great success.

“We are thrilled to now approve applications for three additional platforms.

“The existing dining platforms have really contributed to a great energy and atmosphere in the CBD, which these new platforms will continue to promote.”

The three additional platforms will begin being fabricated shortly, and are expected to be installed in the coming months.  

Council has asked for a report to come to the Council table to allow Councillors to decide a more formal policy around the number of dining platforms.