Rockhampton Airport donates to life-saving services

Published on 09 June 2021


Rockhampton Airport today announced it has donated over $145,000 to two of the region’s life-saving services, the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) (RFDS) and the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS).

Rockhampton Regional Council Mayor Tony Williams said the donation is a reimbursement of each service’s landing fees at Rockhampton Airport.

“Both the RFDS and the CHRS offer integral services to the Central Queensland community and provide lifelines to those especially living in rural areas,” Mayor Williams said.

“Rockhampton Airport is delighted to play a part in supporting both the RFDS and CHRS by reimbursing 100 percent of their landing fees at Rockhampton Airport back to each organisation to help keep these life-saving services in the air.”

Chair of Rockhampton Airport Councillor Neil Fisher said it was a great honour to reimburse $551,012.75 in fees back to both the RDFS and CHRS over the last five years.  

“RFDS transported 2,569 patients from March 2020 to February 2021, resulting in $116,653 being reimbursed back to the not-for-profit organisation,” Cr Fisher said.

“We are also happy to announce CHRS has received $29,231 in reimbursements, supporting their purpose to provide safety and rescue to the Central Queensland community.

“As a regional city, services like the RFDS and CHRS are integral to ensuring our community have access to healthcare services whether they are living in town, or in a remote location.”

RFDS (Queensland Section) Chief Executive Officer Meredith Staib thanked Rockhampton Regional Council for their continued support of the Flying Doctor.

“A total of 2,569 patients were transferred through our RFDS Rockhampton Base last year. This donation from the Rockhampton Regional Council will help ensure we can continue to provide vital healthcare services to patients across the region,” she said.

“I’d like to thank Council for their generosity, which will keep the Flying Doctor in the air and assisting the communities which need us the most.”

RACQ Capricorn Rescue Executive Director Mark Fewtrell said RACQ CapRescue is delighted to receive the reimbursement of landing fees accrued by the Service at Rockhampton Airport over the past 12 months.

“As a community run organisation, we rely heavily on the generosity of local businesses and donors,” Mr Fewtrell said.

“With the significant decline in revenue, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are still being felt by the organisation.

“Now more than ever, this donation from the Rockhampton Regional Council means a great deal to CapRescue."