New water trailer to boost greening projects

Published on 07 August 2019

Council Officer Edward Oram and Cr Wickerson with water trailer.jpg

Council teams and community groups are now able to branch out and undertake more activities than ever to enhance our Region’s natural environment with the arrival of a new water trailer funded through Councillor Drew Wickerson’s Capital Fund.

Councillor Wickerson, Council’s Environment Spokesperson, said that the new water trailer will help to make logistics simpler for groups working in some of our most stunning natural areas, and make on-ground projects more effective.

“As part of our ‘Bringing Nature Back’ program we have begun to really ramp up the number of greening projects being undertaken on Council managed land throughout the Region in collaboration with our community partners,” said Cr Wickerson.

“For example, we have been undertaking bush regeneration works on Mount Archer’s Fraser Park in partnership with Capricornia Catchments, with on-ground support from Capricornia Correctional Centre, Multicultural Development Australia and Jobs Queensland.

“The new water trailer will mean that groups working on projects like these will have easy and consistent access to water while native vegetation is being planted and established, which will help ensure the success of these projects.

“The new water trailer is in addition to a recently acquired tools trailer, funded through Council’s Environmental Sustainability Unit.

“The tools trailer is fully stocked with all of the equipment necessary to undertake greening works, which means that groups will have ready access to everything they need, giving them more time to get things done at each work site.

“The addition of these two trailers means that Council, in partnership with community organisations, will be able to undertake more activities to protect, maintain, and enhance our natural environment.”

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