Lodging a request with Council is in your hands

Published on 03 August 2022


Rockhampton Regional Council is reminding residents that they can lodge a request for maintenance, or report an issue, anywhere at any time from their mobile phones.

Infrastructure Councillor Ellen Smith said while our crews are kept busy maintaining roads and footpaths, especially after recent rainfall, it is often our residents who are best placed to inform Council of areas that need attention.

“Information we receive from residents can be very valuable, as it means we can work to fix the problem before it gets worse,” Cr Smith said.

“This is very much the case with our roads, as it doesn’t take long after the rains to start noticing those potholes.

“Keeping our footpaths safe for our community is also a high priority for Council, so if you see something that is a concern, please let us know so we can send crews out.”

Planning and Regulation Councillor Grant Mathers said there are many reasons why lodging a request with Council is a good idea.

“Whether it is reporting illegal dumping or abandoned vehicles, to incidents of vandalism, we rely on our community to come forward and share this information,” Cr Mathers said.

“We live in a beautiful region and one that our community can be proud of, but it does take a combined effort.”

Environmental Sustainability Councillor Donna Kirkland said having that sense of pride means taking ownership of the ongoing stewardship of our region.

“From picking up a piece of plastic that is blowing across the footy field, to notifying Council as soon as there is a blocked drain or water over the road – everyone can play their part,” Cr Kirkland said.

“Reporting an issue to Council is easier than ever with the use of your mobile phone.

“Simply head to Council’s website, and lodge a request using the ‘Access eServices’ tab.

“Tell us about the issue and the location, upload a photo, submit the request and our Customer Service team will get back to you.”